honeycomb moth

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honeycomb moth:

see bee mothbee moth,
 greater wax moth,
or honeycomb moth,
common name for an insect pest of honeycombs. Bee moths do damage during their larval stages, injuring combs and honey.
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Honeycomb Moth


(Galleria mellonella), a butterfly of the family Pyralididae. The wing span is 22-35 mm. The insect is found in Europe and Asia. It lays eggs in the honeycombs of beehives or in storage places. Honeycomb moth caterpillars feed on wax, boring passages in the honeycombs that they then cover with a web; the honeycombs can no longer be used by the bees or for melting down the wax. Honeycomb moths do especially great damage to bee-keeping in the southern part of the country. They destroy predominantly weak families. It is necessary to keep the bee frame dry and in a cool place. The means of combating the honeycomb moth is to fumigate the bee frame with sulfur.


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