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name applied in the New World to members of the wood warbler family (Parulidae) and in the Old World to a large family (Sylviidae) of small, drab, active songsters, including the hedge sparrow, the kinglet, and the tailorbird of SE Asia, Orthotomus sutorius,
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The flowers of the 'ohi'a lehua are favored by many species of the spectacularly diverse honeycreepers. Historically, the islands supported at least 51 species of Hawaiian honeycreepers.
There are myriad 'i'iwi, a long-billed red honeycreeper whose cry (ee-ee-we) sounds like a rusty gate, and I hear the whistling song of another endemic, the 'elepaio, which is everywhere as I train my binoculars on--wait, is that the smallest of the endemic honeycreepers, the 'anianiau?
Not only did the researchers determine the types of finches that the honeycreeper family originally evolved from, but also linked the timing of that rapid evolution to the formation of the four main Hawaiian Islands.
Some of the species in question that will get a closer look--and which CBD hopes are "fast-tracked" for protection--include the walrus, the wolverine, the Mexican gray wolf, the New England cottontail rabbit, three species of sage grouse, the scarlet Hawaiian honeycreeper ('I'iwi), the California golden trout, the Rio Grande cutthroat trout and the Miami blue butterfly, among others.
the bird (Loxioides bailleui), a member of the Hawaiian honeycreeper family, also has legal status and wings its way into federal court as a plaintiff in its own right.
She's also a photographer; you can see some of her work at honeycreeper.com.
1976: Threshold model of feeding territoriality and test with a Hawaiian honeycreeper.--Science 194: 639-642.
(230) Along these lines, the Ninth Circuit has stated that the palila, a member of the endangered honeycreeper family, has the legal capacity to "wing[] its way into federal court as a plaintiff in its own right." (231) This language has since been superseded by later cases, and dismissed as mere rhetorical flourish.
One example is the po'ouli (Melamprosops phaeosoma), a Hawaiian honeycreeper. This forest bird species has not been seen since 2004, and biologists do not know if it survives.
Regent honeycreeper - hard-to-spot speckled bird, the size of a thrush.
Already, 21 species have been lost, according to BirdLife, from the Hawaiian honeycreeper Poo-uli to Brazil's Spixs Macaw.
Some of the birds found nowhere else on Earth that inhabit the Big Island include the pueo (the Hawai'ian owl), 'lo (Hawai'ian hawk), oma'o (Hawai'ian thrush), 'apapane (Hawai'ian honeycreeper) and nene (Hawai'ian goose).