hopping mouse

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hopping mouse:

see mousemouse,
name applied to numerous species of small rodents, often having soft gray or brown fur, long hairless tails, and large ears. The chief distinction between these animals and the variety of rodents called rats is in size: mice are usually smaller.
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Water deprivation in the Spinifex hopping mouse leads to increased medullary aldose reductase and compatible osmolyte mRNA expression within 3 d, indicative of increased TonEBP activity; this was concurrent with increased urine concentration.
The report also identified several other potential pet species, including sugar gliders and native rodent species other than Mitchell's hopping mouse.
Ode to a Quokka Thou art the only setonix Thy species brachyurus But still with friends thou intermix On Rottnest with the tourists Thy body like a hopping mouse Thou short-tailed macropod Thou climbeth trees and grazeth grass Many find thee odd Wilt thou hop around the house Or play a game of soccer?