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Out of 1,131 specimens, 91 shells showed traces of bioerosion represented by horizontal tubes. Tubes are U-shaped, straight or slightly curved, sometimes branched, with both tube openings communicating externally.
Before the helical coil about 1.5 m long horizontal tube was provided for well mixing of the air and SCMC solution.
Additional key features include a horizontal tube transport system that allows for more efficient tube loading and a horizontal discharge for positive carton transfer; a servo-driven orbital tube transport system; exclusive servo drive technology; and flexible placement of dosing stations.
Here are the parts for the 2 1/2 and 5-ton truck's soft-top cargo cover kits: Item NSN Bow, front and rear 2540-01-466-1937 Strap tie-down, bow 5340-01-460-6627 Horizontal tube 4710-01-461-9274 Bow, soft-top center 2540-01-466-1938 Strap tie-down, bow 5340-01-460-6627 Strap support 5340-01-461-1429 Buckle spring 5340-00-297-6637 Socket, snap 5325-00-285-6250 Cap, snap 5325-00-359-6844 Stud, cap 5325-00-842-1879 Post, snap 5325-01-005-0600 Brace bow support 2540-01-461-0106 Tube horizontal 4710-01-461-9189 Strap webbing 5340-01-451-8966 (Aluminum bows) Strap webbing (tan) 5340-01-436-7619 Strap webbing (green) 5340-01-436-7620 Tube metallic 4710-01-391-3192 Extension snap 5325-01-460-7431
from the top of the upright to the top of the horizontal tube and secure it with a spring clamp (Photo 8).
The mechanism of boiling from a single horizontal tube is different than that from tubes arranged with an in-line configuration.

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