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Skillful use of the hands in moving body parts, as reducing a dislocation, or changing the position of a fetus.
(science and technology)
Use of the hands in the performance of a task.



(1) A movement of the hand or of both hands related to the performance of certain processes (for example, the handling of some mechanism); a complex procedure in hand labor requiring great precision.

(2) A clever swindle, a contrivance, a juggle with facts for the sake of achieving an unseemly goal; the same as a machination.

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Hormonal manipulation may prove to provide relief for women with chronic, cyclic irritable bladder symptoms, results of a University of Washington pilot study suggested.
In individuals whose tumors are resistant to hormonal manipulation (the standard therapy) PSA is considered a reliable marker of disease progression and there is a relationship between disease progression and elevated and rising PSA levels, This prostate cancer study will involve 15 patients, of which four have been reported at this time.
Currently the marketplace for PMS products is comprised of either prescription medication geared towards hormonal manipulation, or antidepressants to address the psychological symptoms of PMS.