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2), which forms most of the northeastern part of the mountain, and a more varied but less extensive dioritic unit that includes quartz diorite, tonalite, diorite, granodiorite, quartz monzonite, and hornblendite.
Massive and disseminated sulphide accumulations have been recrystallized and remobilized and best developed in basal hornblendite and adjacent gabbros while low sulphide, PGE-bearing gabbro occur within the layered sequence.
The SDWZS intrusion is comprised of three lithologies: 1) gabbroic rocks, 2) ultramafic rocks that include hornblendite and feldspathic hornblendite and 3) gossan which include sulphide-bearing hornblendite, less commonly gabbro and tectonized equivalents.
The first 2004 Kaza drill hole targeted the projected Main Trend - Hornblendite Zone intersection area, believed to be a favourable setting for mineral emplacement.
Results of rock grab and composite grab sampling of surface outcrop and rubblecrop mineralization in the Main Zone - Hornblendite Trend intersection area (see News Release 04-07) have been received.
High copper-gold values obtained from earlier trenching have recently been confirmed to originate from Hornblendite Zone mineralization.
45), and four hornblendite host rock samples containing disseminated and fracture-filling sulphides (range 2.