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(invertebrate zoology)
The horntails, a family of the Hymenoptera in the superfamily Siricoidea; females use a stout, hornlike ovipositor to deposit eggs in wood.



(horntails), a family of symphytic hymenopterous insects having a cylindrical abdomen. The females have a stout, sometimes very long, ovipositor (hence the common name). Adult horntails do not feed.

Of the approximately 200 species of horntails, 20 are found in the USSR. The insects develop in wood, mainly the wood of coniferous trees. The female pierces the bark with the ovipositor and deposits the eggs, one to three at a time, in a row along the trunk. Spores of wood-destroying fungi, located in a pouch on the female’s abdomen, simultaneously enter the wound in the bark. The cylindrical, white or yellowish larva, which has three pairs of thoracic legs and a spine at the end of the abdomen, gnaws a passage in the wood and feeds on the wood-destroying fungi, which line the passage. Pupation occurs in the wood. The entire developmental cycle lasts one or two years.

All horntails are pests of lumber. Many species attack externally healthy trees, selecting trunks with mechanical injuries. In the USSR the greatest harm is done by Tremex fuscicornis, which infests hardwood, and by Sirex gigas, Paururus juvencus, Paururus ermak, and Xeris spectrum, which are pests of conifers.


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In The Philosopher's Stone, Norbert provides opportunities for individual characters to reveal certain traits and qualities such as Hagrid's tenderness and Malfoy's slyness, and the Hungarian Horntail in The Goblet of Fire enables Harry to express his noble sense of fair play and Ron his resentment and remorse.
There are several different breeds of dragon in Rowling's wizard world including Common Welsh Greens, Hebridean Blacks, Norwegian Ridgebacks, Hungarian Horntails, Swedish Short-Snouts and Chinese Fireballs.
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Other invertebrates that regularly startle gardeners include the great Grey or leopard slug, a large spotted slug or the giant horntail.
The huge hawk-moth has distinctive pink and black stripes on its body, while the sabre wasp, with its strong colours and distinctive spikes, looks venomous, but its long spike is nothing more than an ovipositor to lay eggs into the larvae of Horntails.
Kit's is the First Task, which is a variation on the Quidditch match, with Harry whizzing around on his Firebolt, outwitting the deadliest dragon (Hungarian Horntail, in case you don't know).
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