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And now, as I still continued to step cautiously onward, there came thronging upon my recollection a thousand vague rumors of the horrors of Toledo.
To the victims of its tyranny, there was the choice of death with its direst physical agonies, or death with its most hideous moral horrors. I had been reserved for the latter.
My cognizance of the pit had become known to the inquisitorial agents -- the pit whose horrors had been destined for so bold a recusant as myself -- the pit, typical of hell, and regarded by rumor as the Ultima Thule of all their punishments.
A richer tint of crimson diffused itself over the pictured horrors of blood.
It doesn't take much to figure out that UAE residents have a deep love for horror films.
Horror series Bandish IS returning for a second season!
For filmmaker and producer Erik Matti, getting the chance to make a horror film is always a blessing.
The honour came for his debut feature Get Out, a horror film exploring the latent menace lurking behind a seemingly well-meaning white liberal family.
SINCE it first opened in London in June 1973 at the Royal Court Theatre Upstairs, Richard O'Brien's The Rocky Horror Show has become the world's favourite rock 'n' roll musical, having been performed worldwide for 45 years in more than 30 countries and translated into over 20 languages.
Synopsis: Written by Nic Kristofer Black and illustrated by Jorge Gonzales for a new generation of horror fantasy fans, "Bedtime Horrors" a volume of dark stories, each served with a twist and delivered in exactly one page.
Every year at Halloween, young people all over the world get together to celebrate -- and watch horror movies!
Don't expect to find "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" on TV while flipping through channels in October 2018.