horseshoe arch

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horseshoe arch, Arabic arch, Moorish arch

A rounded arch whose curve is a little more than a semicircle so that the opening at the bottom is narrower than its greatest span.
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For example the early 11th century dome of Notre-Dame du Port, Clermont-Ferand, uses squinch arches to fit the dome to the square space, which may well have been learned from the Great Mosque in Cordoba and the arches at tribune level in the nave are horseshoe arches, and decorative tiles and coloured voussoirs on the apse reinforce the sense of Arabic influence.
A montage of advertisements for local businesses displaying the slogan "French Taste" follows, after which the tourist again mistakes Dakar for Paris--and the narrator intones, "No, it's your father, exporting his addiction to steak-frites." Finally, panning across the city's Kermel Market, Mambety dwells on its polychrome Moorish horseshoe arches, intricate rosettes, and leonine stone heads.
The design of the oldest part of the palace is mainly Arabic with courtyards of complex plasterwork, patios of horseshoe arches and domes of dazzling gold.
Opened in 785, this remarkable building's interior was designed to create the illusion of a "forest of palms," using the iconic Umayyad red and beige horseshoe arches, mounted one upon another.