hospital stop

terminated stop, hospital stop, sanitary stop

A stop, 1 that terminates above the floor line and is closed with a 45° or 90° angle.
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Those coming from Amerat on bus number 5 can get off at the Al Nahdha Hospital stop and cross the street through the pedestrian tunnel and then go to Khoula Hospital or PDO.
On routes 7, 88, and F12 the Iranian Hospital stop has been cancelled, while on routes 8, 85, N55, F43, and F42 the Ibn Battuta stop has been cancelled.
At the Straub Hospital stop, I fingered your last letter to me--the one that accused me of being a coward for leaving once the newspaper did an article about the church and mentioned "aggressive recruitment tactics" and "brainwashing." I was now all the words True Church liked to call people who left: a marked woman, a fall away, a dog that returns to her vomit.
Would you march up to the director's office and demand the hospital stop practicing medicine that was centuries out of date?
Ivor Lee Coventry Nurses of Coventry and Warwickshire Hospital stop for a cup of tea after their building was targeted in an air raid in 1941 More info needed on old PS5 notes THERE should be more posters available in shops, building societies, banks etc, informing people that the old PS5 not will no longer be legal tender from May 5.
Kanye West isn't going to let ( a stay at the hospital stop him from putting out new music.
For the return journey, would-be passengers had to walk almost to the Woodlands Hospital stop, many carrying heavy shopping bags for that considerable distance.
A No 8 was waiting at Heath Hospital stop when our photographer dropped me off, and after a few stretching exercises I set off towards Caerphilly Road.
MAY 16, 1996: Time runs out and doctors at Law Hospital stop feeding the 53- year-old gran.
It will run between Yarm and Middlesbrough, with the hospital stop scrapped.
[bar] ALLEGED ABUSE: A man heading for a hospital stop identified for the disturbing incident on a bus in Balme Road
Meanwhile, a city council transportation strategy spokesman confirmed Travel West Midlands had consulted with the city council about the removal of the Children's Hospital stop.

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