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The multi-millionaire wanted to host rock parties until he spent thousands furnishing the Suffolk pad.
The search remains in its initial stage, which is focused on evaluating the quality of potential "host rock" for nuclear waste repositories, said Lee Hsiao-tung, the head of the Ministry of Economic Affairs office responsible for nuclear waste storage.
Troubled R&B star Brown joined rapper Lil Wayne to perform "Loyal." Host Rock quipped about Brown's plea deal and "dancing like he was free," referencing his recent legal troubles.
What is also odd is that the middle of the shopping centre now looks like it's ready to host rock concerts, too.
In the final two matches of the round on Monday evening (7pm), APOEL host rock bottom Alki, while league leaders Apollon visit Enosis Neon Paralimni.
Red staining can be easily seen coming from the mineralised gold-bearing host rock.
Chelsea are also in action tonight as they host rock bottom QPR.
In addition, three reconnaissance style drill holes at 300 metre spacing are planned to test the contact relationship with the volcanic sediments and the underlying granite host rock.
While City go to Preston on Easter Monday, Reading host rock bottom Sheffield United and Norwich are home to lacklustre Derby.
The secondary uranium mineral, uranophane, is visible in the host rock in the first few metres of the hole, but below that the rock is apparently unaltered granite with radiometric counts similar to the near surface material.
Although the host rock values are lower (0.6-6.3%), they still remain as fair source rocks.
Moving from its old venue in North Street, the Little Civic will continue to host rock concerts, comedy shows and other live entertainment in its new home, which has a floor area of 12,900 sq ft and can hold up to 850 people.