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These sensors are usually stiff (unwieldy to adapting to curved structural surfaces), introducing remarkable weight and volume penalty to a host structure to which the sensor is to be mounted.
Each individual product will have specific characteristics that may allow mechanical bonding to the host structure or will merely provide a solution without mechanically bonding.
Thus in this study, a PZT material based device that does not need to be permanently attached to a host structure is utilized [5], allowing one to easily attach and reattach to a steel structure without leaving any trail of monitoring.
The polarization power of these dopants is more or less invariant of the achiral host structure and'Type II' dopants are dopants having stereogenic centers located in the rigid core (e.g.
The EMI-based damage detection approach exploits the EM coupling effect between active surface-bonded piezoelectric patches and the host structure. The literature [16, 23] shows that the EMI is related to the mechanical impedance of a host structure, enabling monitoring of the host structure by analyzing electrical impedance.
Therefore, in the present work, procedures are developed for correlating the PZT sensor output, which is surface bonded on a host structure with the help of strain gauge, laser sensor, and accelerometer.
Through surface mapping and sampling, the host structure has been estimated to be at least 40 m wide, 1.5 km in length and open in all directions.
PZT E/M (electromechanical) impedance can indicate defects on PZT host structure in early stage.
Topics will include: lessons learned during field applications; requirements for long term protection of manholes and other structures; application concerns such as structure preparations; pin-holes during and after application; adhesion or non-adhesion requirements to host structure; recommended testing and inspection requirements; green technologies; among other topics.
From an engineering point of view, it was very doable and the controversial element was merely the choice of the host structure, Grey's Monument.