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1) The Data initially divided into cold data, hot data or seasonal data by green data classification strategy based on anticipation (AGDC), which is our preliminary work in [22];
Efficient On-line Identification of Hot Data for Flash-Memory Management.
Cache Tiering, enabling hot data to be moved onto high-performance media when it becomes active and cold data to be moved onto low-performance media when it is no longer active.
Intel said its CAS product can target hot data on back-end storage, such as a SAN, for both Windows and Linux machines and allow virtual machine migration while maintaining high I/O performance with flash cache.
If you aren't quite ready to spend your life running regressions, Naked Statistics provides a taste of the hot data action.
The magnetic disk backs up all files residing in the NAND, protecting the user from NAND wear and preserving it for the more hot data handling.
A tip when purchasing a tiered storage system: ensure that hot data will move to SSD storage efficiently and quickly so the SSD can accelerate dynamic workloads and those that exhibit "spikey" behavior.
Doug Eney, the company vice president of IS engineering, said 'Dell helped us realise the advantage of the EqualLogic PS6010XVS array, which hosts hot data on solid-state drives while pushing cold data, the least-used data, to the slower spinning disks.
In another example for Power systems, the company provides SSD Data Balancer software tools that allow a system administrator to move frequently accessed, or hot data, to SSDs, while moving cold data to traditional hard drives.
In this case a caching system using relatively few high performance drives could be utilized, which would make a huge improvement to response times for the hot data set.
Because of the primary data center's location in a river valley, Kane County had invested heavily in a disaster-recovery strategy that includes running active-active hot data centers, so that all critical infrastructure is duplicated to higher ground at the remote site six miles away.
The database items are distributed into two categories: the hot data subset and the cold data subset.