hot fix

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Hot Fix

Novell, Inc.'s term for the feature of their network file server operating system, Novell NetWare, which handles errors in disk write operations. The OS re-reads every block it writes to disk while it holds the data to be written in memory. In the case of an error, the data block is written to a spare area on the disk.

The feature lost much of its importance with the widespread use of hard disk drives with built-in error correction and bad block re-mapping.
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hot fix

(1) To make a repair while running. It often refers to modern disk drives, which mark sectors in poor condition as bad and remap the data to spare sectors. In this case, the procedure is hidden from not only the user, but the operating system as well. See hot swap.

(2) Microsoft's term for a bug fix, which is accomplished by replacing one or more existing files (typically DLLs) in the operating system or application with revised versions. See QFE.
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