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1. having a relatively high temperature
2. Ball games (of a ball) thrown or struck hard, and so difficult to respond to
3. Informal having a dangerously high level of radioactivity
4. (of a colour) intense; striking
5. Informal at a dangerously high electric potential
6. Physics having an energy level higher than that of the ground state
7. Jazz slang arousing great excitement or enthusiasm by inspired improvisation, strong rhythms, etc.
8. (in various searching or guessing games) very near the answer or object to be found
9. Metallurgy (of a process) at a sufficiently high temperature for metal to be in a soft workable state
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(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

The signs are numbered from 1 to 12 according to their order in the zodiac (e.g., from Aries, 1, to Pisces, 12). Hot and cold made up one of the sets of categories utilized in premodern physics, and the ancients classified all odd-numbered signs (all fire and air signs) as hot. Traditionally, the Sun and Mars were also considered to be hot, while Jupiter and Venus were regarded as warm (an intermediate category). The terms hot and cold are rarely used in modern astrology.

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What does it mean when you dream about being hot?

Passion, warm feelings. If something in a dream is so hot that it burns, it can indicate painful feelings. Also note various idiomatic uses of hot, such as “hot headed,” “being in hot water,” the “hot seat,” and “hot air.”

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Having or charged with high energy, such as high thermal energy or a high level of radioactivity.
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Active; used; in operation. See hot topics and trends, hot backup, hot definition, hot desking, hot docking, hot file, hot fix, hot link, hot restart, hot spare, hot standby and hot swap.
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He also said that Nelson Rockefeller, who he hotly pursued for commissions, has 'the iron fist o f a peasant' -- though not to his face.
Elton, and Christopher Haigh, who ascribe Kateryn Parr with a much narrower role in religion and politics, and who, she believes, have diminished her importance by their focus "on the hotly debated questions of her birthplace, her capabilities in Latin and her influence on her stepchildren" (2).
The scientific underpinnings of Remune were hotly debated for some time before it was decided that the only way to determine whether it worked was to conduct a large clinical trial using the product.
In "Who moved my tabernacle?", Robert McClory talks to people on both sides of the barricades in parishes that have recently undergone hotly contested renovation projects.
The hotly disputed effort came after former Torquay campaigner Scott Stamps had pushed the ball forward to Paul Webb who, together with Stewart Hadley, looked to be in an offside position.
The children, aged between about five and 14, were supposedly orphans, though this is hotly disputed, and supposedly (at least in the latter years) volunteers, which is also challenged.
He's drawn to a swing club, where he becomes obsessed with a beautiful dancer (Deborah Yates) who is hotly in demand.
One of the hotly debated topics in strength training concerns the number of recommended sets for each exercise.
Some area residents have accused Smith of seeking to close the base, a charge he hotly denies.
A by-product of this analysis is a test of the price--concentration relationship, which is a hotly debated element in general antitrust analysis.
The amnesty, employment sanctions and antidiscrimination measures of IRCA were hotly debated by Congress.
we've got to provide those protections, and once the protections are provided, they won't be seeking to uise the Orphan Drug Act to solve their problems." Legislative analysts predict that the future of this proposal, and its relation to the Orphan Drug Act, will be hotly debated by the 101st Congress.