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1. having a relatively high temperature
2. Ball games (of a ball) thrown or struck hard, and so difficult to respond to
3. Informal having a dangerously high level of radioactivity
4. (of a colour) intense; striking
5. Informal at a dangerously high electric potential
6. Physics having an energy level higher than that of the ground state
7. Jazz slang arousing great excitement or enthusiasm by inspired improvisation, strong rhythms, etc.
8. (in various searching or guessing games) very near the answer or object to be found
9. Metallurgy (of a process) at a sufficiently high temperature for metal to be in a soft workable state
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(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

The signs are numbered from 1 to 12 according to their order in the zodiac (e.g., from Aries, 1, to Pisces, 12). Hot and cold made up one of the sets of categories utilized in premodern physics, and the ancients classified all odd-numbered signs (all fire and air signs) as hot. Traditionally, the Sun and Mars were also considered to be hot, while Jupiter and Venus were regarded as warm (an intermediate category). The terms hot and cold are rarely used in modern astrology.

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What does it mean when you dream about being hot?

Passion, warm feelings. If something in a dream is so hot that it burns, it can indicate painful feelings. Also note various idiomatic uses of hot, such as “hot headed,” “being in hot water,” the “hot seat,” and “hot air.”

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Having or charged with high energy, such as high thermal energy or a high level of radioactivity.
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Active; used; in operation. See hot topics and trends, hot backup, hot definition, hot desking, hot docking, hot file, hot fix, hot link, hot restart, hot spare, hot standby and hot swap.
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The hotness of a path in network can be defined as the sum of hotness of all nodes on the path.
A mouthful of chicken and cheese in your favourite level of piri piri hotness in every bite, this is the stuff "signatures" are made of.
If so, Her Royal Hotness Pippa Middleton does have a bit of a naughty glint in her eye pounds hyd at Closing date:
Partial contents: "A Fannish Taxonomy of Hotness," by Francesca Coppa; "A Fannish Field of Value: Online Fan Gift Culture," by Karen Hellekson; "Should Fan Fiction Be Free?," by Abigail De Kosnik; "User-Penetrated Content: Fan Video in the Age of Convergence," by Julie Levin Russo; "Living in a Den of Thieves: Fan Video and Digital Challenges to Ownership," by Alexis Lothian.
Talking to this news agency here on Wednesday, the residents said that beverages and ice creams mitigate the hotness but the prices of ice creams have increased from Rs 8 to 10, juice of sugar cane is being sold at Rs 5 to 10 per glass.
It measures 1,001,304 Scoville heat units (a measure of a chili pepper's hotness).
In the book Female Chauvinist Pigs (FCP), Levy describes one specific overlap so prevalent and influential in modern society--the concept of "hotness" which she has designated as "raunch culture", a phrase she coined to articulate the nature of mainstream female sexuality, modelled on adult movie actors.
Hey, Luey may be a maniac and a lush, but there's no questioning his hotness.
This comment gave us much hope and happiness, for we truly wish to fulfill our destinies as an arbiter of the hotness that is Lane County entertainment.
To get back in touch with your hotness, tell your BFF to bring her Caboodles case to your casa first thing after school.
Louis; McAllen, Texas; Daytona Beach, Fla.; and Reno, Nev., respectively these and other factors are what's sustaining a more-than-healthy level of housing activity and earning the envy of other areas hoping to create or sustain a similar degree of hotness.