hotspot finder

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hotspot finder

(1) A website that lists the locations of hotspots. See hotspot.

(2) An app in a mobile device or handheld unit that detects the presence of an 802.11 network. Also called a "Wi-Fi detector" or "Wi-Fi signal finder," it reports which hotspots are in the vicinity by network name (SSID) and security type. See hotspot.

A Smartphone Hotspot Finder
Apple coined the phrase "there's an app for that," and there are plenty of smartphone Wi-Fi finder apps like the iPhone app above and all other platforms.

The Handheld Hotspotter
Canary Wireless's Digital Hotspotter identifies more information about hotspots than most apps do: SSID (hotspot name), signal strength, encryption status (Open or Secure) and channel number. This is the SSID of the first found network.
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This iPass Hotspot Finder does not require an iPass account, provides visibility to over 1.4 million hotspots in the iPass network and can be accessed from any web browser for free at
But the Intel Website includes a HotSpot Finder at products/mobiletechnology/hotspots/ finder.htm.
The ZyAIR AG-225H device, with Wi-Fi hotspot finder, soft access point (AP) and 802.11a/b/g client adapter, has been introduced in the UK by ZyXEL Communications UK Ltd, a subsidiary of a global broadband access solutions provider.