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1. having a relatively high temperature
2. Ball games (of a ball) thrown or struck hard, and so difficult to respond to
3. Informal having a dangerously high level of radioactivity
4. (of a colour) intense; striking
5. Informal at a dangerously high electric potential
6. Physics having an energy level higher than that of the ground state
7. Jazz slang arousing great excitement or enthusiasm by inspired improvisation, strong rhythms, etc.
8. (in various searching or guessing games) very near the answer or object to be found
9. Metallurgy (of a process) at a sufficiently high temperature for metal to be in a soft workable state
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(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

The signs are numbered from 1 to 12 according to their order in the zodiac (e.g., from Aries, 1, to Pisces, 12). Hot and cold made up one of the sets of categories utilized in premodern physics, and the ancients classified all odd-numbered signs (all fire and air signs) as hot. Traditionally, the Sun and Mars were also considered to be hot, while Jupiter and Venus were regarded as warm (an intermediate category). The terms hot and cold are rarely used in modern astrology.

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What does it mean when you dream about being hot?

Passion, warm feelings. If something in a dream is so hot that it burns, it can indicate painful feelings. Also note various idiomatic uses of hot, such as “hot headed,” “being in hot water,” the “hot seat,” and “hot air.”

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Having or charged with high energy, such as high thermal energy or a high level of radioactivity.
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Active; used; in operation. See hot topics and trends, hot backup, hot definition, hot desking, hot docking, hot file, hot fix, hot link, hot restart, hot spare, hot standby and hot swap.
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Predator Great White Shark: Another non-traditional hot sauce, this sauce is made with pineapple, papaya, banana and real fruit juices, and is still ranked as being 35 times hotter than a jalapeno. 
The company operates one of the most advanced shoe making facilities in the world and sells more than two million pairs of shoes a year in the UK and internationally, distributing through its mail order business, online and a network of Hotter stores.
But new climate model research led by Aomawa Shields, a doctoral student in the University of Washington astronomy department, has added a surprising new twist to the story: Planets orbiting cool stars actually may be much warmer and less icy than their counterparts orbiting much hotter stars, even though they receive the same amount of light.
The mercury hit 27C near Inverness - hotter than Istanbul in Turkey.
Lightweight and airy, supportive and cushioned, the collection was showcased to Hotter's home shopping and retail sales teams in a catwalk fashion show where models cleverly illustrated the everyday style and comfort of the brand.
Much of the UK was hotter yesterday than popular European holiday destinations such as Lanzarote in the Canary Islands.
"The temperature will increase from Tuesday onwards as internal regions will experience a hotter climate with summer temperatures setting in," added the official.
The hat was made from products manufactured at the Hotter factory in Skelmersdale and included an array of shoe material.
A more radical possibility is that for some unknown reason, lower-mass brown dwarfs really do start off hotter. Or maybe the two brown dwarfs formed independently and only later captured each other.
Metal expands as it gets hotter, and oil gets thinner or less viscous.
CLOSER Supporting actor nominee Clive Owen's bout of cybersex with costar Jude Law is arguably hotter than any of his scenes with Julia Roberts or fellow nominee Natalie Portman.
As the days get hotter and hotter, ice sculptor Adrian Innocent becomes more and more worried his works of art will melt away.