Same as dog’s-tooth course.
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Try adding an androgynous edge to your closet with a sharp hound's-tooth jacket complete with a statement collar.
The interior has bespoke hound's-tooth seat trim and beige trim panels.
Striped pants go best with the attire but exceptions are checked or hound's-tooth patterns.
bowed his head, ripped off his hound's-tooth blazer,
RACY Hound's-tooth mac, pounds 199, in sizes 10-24, from the Limited Edition collection by Windsmoor.
Black and white checks, polka-dots and hound's-tooth patterns have become increasingly popular accent fabrics.
Some fabrics are appearing with stripes of shadow stripes and developing textures into herringbone or hound's-tooth.
There are also multicolored hound's-tooth check fabrics and iridescent looks.
In 2012, patterned paint will take center stage, with increased interest in hound's-tooth finishes, lacy designs, and bold color blocking techniques.
In a nod to Sheraton's classic aesthetic, the beds feature a selection of duvet patterns inspired by timeless tattersall checks, hound's-tooth and pinstripe patterns in rich color tones.