house arrest

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house arrest

confinement to one's own home

House Arrest


one of the forms of restriction of personal freedom in which the detainee is confined to his home, with or without a guard. Soviet criminal law does not provide for house arrest.

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Western powers and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon have repeatedly urged Tehran to release them from house arrest and Iranian reformists have echoed those appeals.
Since then the authorities have released Fatemeh Karroubi from house arrest, but increased the restrictions on the remaining three, the paper said.
Sheriff's officials prefer house arrest over alternative work-release programs because it allows for better monitoring.
The continuing house arrest and detention of these opposition figures is indicative of the continued repression and intolerance of government authorities toward dissent in Iran," said Sarah Leah Whitson, Middle East director at Human Rights Watch.
Officials later released Fatemeh Karrubi from house arrest.
Justice Juan Diaz Romero said the decision, which the court approved by an overwhelming margin of 8-1, applies to the amendments that the Chihuahua state legislature enacted to Article 122 of the state penal code two years ago, allowing authorities to place a suspect under house arrest for as long as 30 days.
The matter ended up before the SCJN following an appeal by a group of Chihuahua state legislators, which questioned the legality of house arrest under the Mexican Constitution.