housing project

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1. A construction undertaking, composed of one or more buildings and the site improvements, planned and executed in a fixed time period.
2. In an office, a job or a commission.
3. A planned, large apartment building or housing complex, usually built at minimum cost with government funds for low-income families; also called a housing project.
4. The total construction designed by the architect, of which the work performed under the contract documents may be the whole or a part.
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Also speaking, the director general of the state Bureau of Lands, Alhaji Salman, who said that the state government provided the 10 hectares of land for the housing project, called on the federal government to provide more units of the housing project that will spread across the three senatorial districts of the state.
The federal and provincial governments had issued strict directives to the district administration to give allotment papers of plots at the housing project to over 3,500 families of red zone Balakot before start of next year.
The 8,000 hectare housing project will stretch across 30 kilometres from Abu Dhabi Downtown and will be sited in South Shamkha, North Wathba area, cutting waiting time for housing for nationals by half.
Sharapova is accused number four in the 156 (3) CRPC application which was filed before the Rohini Court by a homebuyer, who invested in a luxury housing project in Gurugram.
Mayor Duterte described the housing project as 'a step forward' toward the city's target of providing 'gainful employment, decent housing, educational opportunities and healthy living [to] all Dabawenyos.
Units at the Bateen Al Samar housing project are intended for UAE nationals.
Earlier reports said that Syrian Army troops still continue to drive terrorists out of more positions in the district of Hananou Housing Project after wining control of Jeish al-Fatah's operations room in the Eastern part of Aleppo city on Monday morning.
The rent system was included in the social housing project after several requests were received from low-income citizens, who are unable to fulfil ownership obligations through the mortgage finance system.
Around 30% of housing projects agreed by the Saudi ministry are currently underway in the Kingdom, according to the Iqtisadieh daily.
Talking to reporter, Spokesperson of CDA said that after great success of Park Enclave Housing Project, civic body has launched Park Enclave-II.
ST) announced on Friday the sale of a housing project in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, to a German investor for approximately SEK150m.
CONSTRUCTION work is underway on 3,895 houses in two major housing projects, Northern City and East Hidd, it has been revealed.

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