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Lice specimens were obtained in July 2015 from a howler monkey that was a victim of tramping, in the city of Matias Barbosa, state of Minas Gerais, Brazil (21[degrees]52'S 43[degrees]19'W).
'As a result of their anatomical modifications, howler monkeys produce exceptionally low-frequency vocalizations for their body size compared with other mammals,' the researchers wrote.
After reading a 1949 paper that classified howlers based on a vocal tract bone called the hyoid, Dunn paired up with Lauren Halenar of the American Museum of Natural History in New York City, who was studying the hyoid's role in howler biology.
Besides, our record of heterospecific howler groups with putative hybrids is located near 30 km south from Cerro dos Negros, the southernmost limit for this contact zone until this date (Bicca-Marques et al., 2008; Cortes-Ortiz et al., 2015).
Lilly-Mae Aspinall took bronze in the howler with 15.85m.
Using Apple's iBeacon technology, the Howler app connects businesses to potential consumers based on the mobile user's shopping and dining preferences in a convenient and non-intrusive fashion--all while conserving battery life thanks to Bluetooth (BTLE) technology.
The two primate species in the study, mantled howler monkeys and black howler monkeys, diverged about 3 million years ago and differ in many respects, including behavior, appearance and the number of chromosomes they possess.
What makes this particular howler especially interesting to me is that its proud author (nameless here) is identified by The New Yorker (p.
Howler are a rabble rousing gang hell bent on teenage kicks.
Most keepers will have a howler in them at stage in their careers, but some - David James springs to mind, Barthez, Bruce Grobbelaar - seem to have more than others.
The next day - hopefully none the worse for their beer-testing - the 10 will finally get down to the serious side of the competition as they battle for the title of Hebden Howler 2010.