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(hō`yä), city (1990 pop. 95,148), Tokyo Metropolis, E central Honshu, Japan, on the Shakoji River. It is a residential suburb of Tokyo and an agricultural center where raw silk is produced.


see milkweedmilkweed,
common name for members of the Asclepiadaceae, a family of mostly perennial herbs and shrubs characterized by milky sap, a tuft of silky hairs attached to the seed (for wind distribution), and (usually) a climbing habit.
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Conda explained that the calyx lobes (sepals) of the new subspecies are tongue-like and long, as compared to the broadly oval to oblong of the "Hoya meliflua Blanco ex Merr".
'Of the 109 Hoya species recorded in the country, 39 species and three subspecies are found in Quezon province.
The photo of De La Hoya was one of several leaked online in more than 10 years ago with the former world champion initially denying they were real.
Lens expert at Hoya, Maarten Brouwer, said: "These provide accommodative support tailored to the patient's age, digital device use and severity of digital eye strain symptoms."
Unfortunately, they do not know the name of the broker, but they do have a photograph of him,' The Hoya said.
The first systems to be brought to market as a result of this collaboration are Hoya Vision Simulator and Hoya EyeGenius.
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De La Hoya is sceptical that Mayweather's hyped clash with Manny Pacquiao will happen and says Khan can put himself at the front of the queue to take him on by impressing against Alexander in Las Vegas on Saturday.
De La Hoya won world titles in six classes and an Olympic gold medal in 1992 and retired in December 2008 after being stopped by Manny Pacquiao in his last fight, the report further said.
year, comprising the 1.15 million square feet (106,838 square metres) La Hoya Bay Residence, is projected to cost between US$110
De La Hoya said: "A rematch against Malignaggi at the Barclays Centre is a tremendous fight.
Asked for his reaction to the show-stopping action by Sky Box Office, Khan's American promoter De La Hoya was unequivocal in his response.