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Long after Impressionism itself had ceased to have avant-garde cachet, he capitalized on what by then had become a safe, even venerable, stylistic choice in order to celebrate both America's military involvement in World War I (Fifth Avenue grandly ornamented with waving American and Allied flags) and its WASP heritage (white, steeple-topped New England churches radiating classical order and harmony in a natural paradise of vividly hued splendor).
The work makes clear the generally polar architectonics of Tuttle's works: By dint of both color and position, the brightly hued struts are at odds with one another, and the parallel panels are, in turn, at odds with them, making for a certain tension.
This season includes a new production by Holder of his Prodigal Prince (1967), choreographed and danced in his own brilliantly hued set and costume designs [see Presstime News, page 32].To this day, the company follows the Horton pattern in its composition and casting.
Bison (Torso), Bouquet (A Torso), and Torso with Giant Head, meanwhile, offer a double dose of energy with the distilled fiberglass forms given glassy finishes and then attacked again with webs of multicolored vinyl tape and sloshes of boldly hued paint.
In her latest show, "Bedspreien en rookgordijn" (Bedspreads and smoke curtain, all works 2000), Killaars presented double beds that were entirely covered with brightly hued bedspreads, designed by the artist and woven in India.
She often paints the sides of the slats as well, which cast hazy hued shadows on the abutting white wall; where two sides of different colors face, the reflection gradates between the hues in much the same way as the soft stripes merge on the slats' fronts.
With its candy-colored blobs and intensely hued, overlapping imagery, Ackermann's hard-edged Any city dissolved into a semi-psychedelic urban playground.
Hoop-La bubbles with life, almost literally so, as the plastic hoops hang or float in the air like so many giddily hued soap bubbles.
To begin with, the cartoony, ornate, vividly hued baroque motifs that often appear in these paintings offer a sharp-edged commentary on our culture-wide obsession with appearances - especially when contrasted with Reichman's puppets, pixies, and dwarves, smiles frozen on their stylized faces in a rictus of woebegone hilarity.