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see anthropologyanthropology,
classification and analysis of humans and their society, descriptively, culturally, historically, and physically. Its unique contribution to studying the bonds of human social relations has been the distinctive concept of culture.
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; human evolutionhuman evolution,
theory of the origins of the human species, Homo sapiens. Modern understanding of human origins is derived largely from the findings of paleontology, anthropology, and genetics, and involves the process of natural selection (see Darwinism).
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; racerace,
one of the group of populations regarded as constituting humanity. The differences that have historically determined the classification into races are predominantly physical aspects of appearance that are generally hereditary.
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The aim of this project is to help strengthen Moldova's interinstitutional coordination and policy planning and implementation, increase the involvement of NGOs and non-traditional partners, especially in the field of assistance to victims of trafficking in human beings and in the protection of their rights, as well as to strengthen the capacity of the competent Moldovan authorities to identify and help victims of human trafficking and their rights.
The problem is that, although intense love of offspring is a mammalian heritage, it may lead to a crime as soon as the mammal species involved develops a brain as large as that of human beings.
The aim of the course was to increase participants' practical and theoretical knowledge of the elements of crimes related to trafficking in human beings involving forced begging and to build their capacity on the issues of victim and witness support within the system.
Human beings, religions and gods together divided the earth, divided the minds.
The Azerbaijani delegation announced about this when addressing the 1168th meeting of the OSCE Permanent Council, in response to the OSCE Special Representative and Coordinator for combating trafficking in Human Beings Ambassador Madina Jarbussynova.
To be in favour of allowing it, you must believe either (1) a baby in the womb is not a human being, or (2) it's OK to deliberately kill certain categories of human beings.
He was addressing the opening of the 2-day Interpol Global Conference on Trafficking in Human Beings and Smuggling of Migrants.
He said on this day those people should also be paid tribute who prefer fellow human beings to their own self.
They were utilized to test gene editing methods that could possibly benefit other human beings in the future.
The theory of biological selection by Darwin and the argument of labor assumption by Engels are regarded to be forceful in differentiating human beings from animals, yet, in Nie's view, "both Darwin and Engels failed to make a fundamental distinction between man and animals though explained where human beings have come from" (34).
You can tell that we are human beings by our beating hearts, by our tear-filled eyes, by our broken souls.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- The individuality of human beings comes from the fact that a part of them does not belong to this world, i.