human engineering

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human engineering:

see ergonomicsergonomics,
the engineering science concerned with the physical and psychological relationship between machines and the people who use them. The ergonomicist takes an empirical approach to the study of human-machine interactions.
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human engineering

[′hyü·mən ‚en·jə′nir·iŋ]
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Abbreviations: 3-D = three-dimensional, 3MP = third metacarpalphalangeal joint, ANCOVA = analysis of covariance, ANOVA = analysis of variance, HERL = Human Engineering Research Laboratories, KMRREC = Kessler Medical Rehabilitation Research and Education Corporation, NIDRR = National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research, SCI = spinal cord injury, SD = standard deviation, T = thoracic, UW = University of Washington.
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MM: How did that human engineering result in the damage?
Those willing to share their experience can call Nick Colford at Human Engineering Ltd on 0117 962 0888.
"User friendly" means that it has excellent human engineering, that it's particularly easy to operate, especially under stress.
Advances in human engineering are moving ahead largely without public debate.
"We reinforced Luna with cables and steel bracing to replace some of the strength that has been lost," Salzman said, admitting that no amount of human engineering would ever be able "to fully replicate the original strength embodied in the dynamic living system of a redwood tree."
Henry started a new program of human engineering to empower and dignify his employees and to show respect for their efforts."
You'd have to be terminally reckless to do that type of human engineering on people [with what we know now]," argues law professor Henry T.
Paul Lannoye (Greens, Belgium) explained that the European Parliament Green/EFA Group had always argued that biotechnology patent law was a "smokescreen behind which such human engineering would take place".

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