human immunodeficiency virus

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human immunodeficiency virus:

human immunodeficiency virus, either of two closely related retroviruses that invade T-helper lymphocytes and are responsible for AIDS. There are two types of HIV: HIV-1 and HIV-2. HIV-1 is responsible for the vast majority of AIDS in the United States.
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human immunodeficiency virus

[′hyü·mən ¦im·yə·nō·di′fish·ən·sē ‚vī·rəs]
The retrovirus that causes acquired immune deficiency syndrome. Abbreviated HIV.
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For the first time, scientists have demonstrated that it may be possible to restore the frayed immune systems of people who are infected with the human immunodeficiency virus or HIV, which causes AIDS.
began operations in early 2005 to develop and commercialize technologies to reduce the morbidity and mortality caused by human viral diseases, including the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), the causative agent of AIDS.
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