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see anthropologyanthropology,
classification and analysis of humans and their society, descriptively, culturally, historically, and physically. Its unique contribution to studying the bonds of human social relations has been the distinctive concept of culture.
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; human evolutionhuman evolution,
theory of the origins of the human species, Homo sapiens. Modern understanding of human origins is derived largely from the findings of paleontology, anthropology, and genetics, and involves the process of natural selection (see Darwinism).
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; racerace,
one of the group of populations regarded as constituting humanity. The differences that have historically determined the classification into races are predominantly physical aspects of appearance that are generally hereditary.
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References in classic literature ?
And if it is humanly possible, the matter is simply awful.
He had promised to return for An-Tak if it proved humanly possible to do so, and he knew that in the blackness of the tunnel he could locate the foot of the ladder in no other way.
He directed the investigation team to speed up its efforts and complete the case while making every humanly possible effort.
Kirkuk / Nina / The patriarch of the Chaldean in Iraq and the world, called on the international community and religious authorities in Iraq to serious work to contain the crisis in Iraq humanly and politically.
As millions desiring to work humanly, to live humanly, we will shout our aspiration for democracy, peace and equality everywhere across the country on May 1.
ISLAMABAD -- Secretary Election Commission Ishtiak Ahmad said every humanly possible effort was made to ensure peaceful and fair elections and criticism against ECP is not based on facts.
Her death was a terrible tragedy, but her family should take comfort from the fact they did everything humanly possible to keep that talented, troubled girl alive.
Find out if you're a spiv or not by picking up Horse Meat Disco II as soon as humanly possible, released in all formats on Monday.
Chiseled names of the dead Will be draped with the blood red poppies of remembrance Blessed are the fallen For they gave everything humanly possible So that I could sit freely on grass Blowing in winter winds.
Vincent's attention to detail was to be seen everywhere at Ballydoyle, and he wanted to operate at the level where he could get to know each individual animal as closely as was humanly possible," said Piggott.
It was a problem that took time to rectify and we did so as quickly as was humanly possible.
By watching what Christ does we learn how to act humanly; by listening to his words we learn how to think humanly.