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The thermal characterization of the environment was carried out using the Temperature Humidity Index (THI), Eq.
The black-globe humidity index (BGHI) and radiant heat load (RHL) were out of the thermal comfort range.
The climatological data were utilized for the calculations of the radiant thermal load (RTL) according to Esmay (1982), Black Globe Temperature and Humidity Index (BGHI), Temperature-Humidity Index (THI - Buffington et al., 1981) and enthalpy (Albright, 1990).
of mortality and relationships between mortality and temperature- humidity index in dairy cows.
During 1975-2012, the average annual humidity index in TRSR was -57, with ranges between -86 and -12 (Figure 3).
Firstly, the 3 factor data of soil type, soil parent material and soil thickness were obtained based on 2-class forest resource survey, and other factor data, which included elevation, slope, aspect, surface curvature, humidity index, and solar radiation index, were extracted from DEM (Digital Elevation Model).
You may have noticed a new term popping up with greater regularity in news reports this summer: the "heat index." This statistical interpolation used to be called the "temperature humidity index," but its simpler moniker has raised its stature to match its wintery cousin: the wind chill factor.
* Pay attention to the Humidity Index. The temperature and relative humidity should be taken into account in determining the length of practice sessions.
For more information, refer to the Temperature Humidity Index on AFAA's Fitness Gets Personal[R] card H7.