hung ceiling

suspended ceiling, dropped ceiling

suspended ceiling
A non-structural ceiling suspended below the overhead
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It was fabulous - swathes of colourful tinsel masked trees while festive bunting made from brightly coloured foil hung ceiling to ceiling.
Mahama's work was selected for inclusion in Pangaea: New Art from Africa and Latin America at the Saatchi Gallery and his installation of sodden, draped jute sacks, Untitled 2014, hung ceiling to floor, was by far the most engaging work in the exhibition.
Construction continued through the month of March, with students scheduled to install sheet rock, drywall, a hung ceiling, doors, baseboards, final wiring, and tile flooring.
MDSA unified the space using a china white wall color; textured, wheat colored carpet and a hung ceiling throughout the center.
The two sewn-in stretch cords and four molded hooks guarantee quick and easy attachment and detachment on hung ceiling grids.
Figures 1 and 2 show schematic diagrams of the two configurations considered, with and without a hung ceiling, respectively.
* Eliminate the clerestory window and its light shelf, lower the hung ceiling to a flat 9 ft, reducing the building height by 1 ft 4 in.
Included in the plans under consideration for submission for Landmarks approval is the restoration of the lobby's historic ceiling mural, a significant Art Deco architectural feature that was fully covered by a hung ceiling with fluorescent lighting installed during the 1960's.
CMP cable can be run in the hung ceiling return plenum without a conduit, unlike the usual PVC-coated cable.
They lowered the building height and hung ceilings by those 16 in., and eliminated the interior light shelves and the 16-in.
Wade has hung ceilings just about everywhere, from residential laundry rooms to casinos and megamalls.