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hungry, starved

Descriptive of a paint film which shows the minute detail of the background on which it was applied, giving the appearance of skimpiness.
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He added: "After getting so close in finals and semi-finals, both here and back home, that winning makes you that bit hungrier.
If I were to come here believing Nico is hungrier than me then I might as well go home.
In fact, the shorter the amount of sleep a person had experienced the hungrier they were.
FORMULA ONE: Mark Webber heads into his 11th Formula One campaign apparently hungrier, sharper and leaner than ever, and seemingly with no intention that this season will be his last in the sport.
I really missed it at the weekend; this club's like my right arm and being away has made me hungrier than ever to get us out of this.
Jedd O'Keefe's apprentice, now back at work and planning to reapply for her licence next March, says: "I am hungrier than ever to ride winners after what happened.
Even before we lost the first goal Motherwell were hungrier and sharper.
Beckett is unaware he is their little leader and the pandas play and skip in their adventurous search, meanwhile growing hungrier and hungrier for sweet, crunchy bamboo.
Organic babyfood company Ella's Kitchen has claimed a market first with the launch of a pair of rice-based fruit pouches for hungrier babies.
SCOTLAND'S Josh Taylor laid down the gauntlet to England team captain Thomas Stalker ahead of their Commonwealth lightweight final by declaring "I'm fitter, younger and hungrier than you".
Owner is looking to relinquish his venture to a younger hungrier entrepreneur w/ the desire to take this on.
Sitting in the back seat, peering round the front head restraints as we whizzed round endless corners, I felt like a kidnap victim growing hungrier and hungrier.