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hungry, starved

Descriptive of a paint film which shows the minute detail of the background on which it was applied, giving the appearance of skimpiness.
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The new pouches provide the perfect solution for hungrier babies and they make the weaning process easier for mums," founder Paul Lindley said.
Less experienced, hungrier people are willing to take returns in the mid teens, he says.
As the day passes, Papa gets hungrier and hungrier.
He ends up hungrier than the pigs he is feeding and realizes that even his father's hired hands have enough to eat.
The larvae of many destructive insects often over-winter there and will simply climb back up the host plant, hungrier than ever, when the weather warms up.
Them is more time, less pressure, and the dancers are hungrier.
Americans are more attentive to the world at large, hungrier for international news.
portion will fill the hungrier customer, and the 454g (1lb) pudding offers a real eating challenge.
The hungrier nestlings called more rapidly and frequently.
Skipping breakfast means you're hungrier later in the day and tend to grab cookies instead of carrots.
Less renowned but hungrier, Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, had no such restraints.