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hungry, starved

Descriptive of a paint film which shows the minute detail of the background on which it was applied, giving the appearance of skimpiness.
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"I am hungrier than ever before, there is no doubt about that.
"We haven't dipped below them all that often this season but today we were well below them and we were beaten by a hungrier team.
'I'll train hard for this fight because I know he's really hungry coming into the fight but I am hungrier than him.
We know going to want us as we've from the and Ampthill hungrier Kevin The home side have climbed rapidly through the leagues, going up five levels in ten years.
LIVERPOOL striker Divock Origi says the heartache of watching Manchester City lift the Capital One Cup has made him "hungrier for success".
Hungrier I've said on this page recently that Carlo Ancelotti would be a good fit at City but now the Borussia Dortmund boss is on the market I'd be looking at the younger, hungrier manager of the two.
LEWIS Hamilton has suggested his under-privileged upbringing has made him hungrier for this season's Formula One world title than team-mate Nico Rosberg.
Although the breakfast skippers were hungrier than the breakfast eaters, they did not overeat at lunch or during other meals or snacks and actually consumed an average of 408 fewer calories in the day.
"The great thing about Mike is that, no matter what he achieves, he just becomes hungrier and hungrier for more and that is what you want from your players."
Once safe they begin their posturing again about who is hungrier and so it continues.
If you're hungrier than a Targaryen dragon for more, there's Thronecast at 10.15pm.
Slices of said cake will be available for AED5 (US$1.40), while hungrier shoppers can gorge themselves on an entire loaf for AED100.