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hungry, starved

Descriptive of a paint film which shows the minute detail of the background on which it was applied, giving the appearance of skimpiness.
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FAMILY: Lilly and Molly feed ducks SHOPPING: The pair load up at supermarket STROLLING: She welcomes Adam SMITTEN: Kerry hungrily snogs Adam on his first visit - but he won't move in
Murray's nightmare start continued as Soderling secured another break point and capitalised hungrily.
Moment's presentations are so cogent and informative that I hungrily digest the magazines, cover to cover, as soon as I receive them.
Of course, critics are not investors who hungrily await a large return on that investment.
But for every loser there is a winner, and John Hughes' players hungrily pounced on their oneman advantage to play the kind of football they produced in the first half of the season.
You'll have to walk back, and that's not fun (we've done it, it really isn't fun, especially if cars packed with men staring hungrily at your.
When Lester Likens (Neck Searcy), a traveling carnival midway booth operator, asks her to watch his teen daughters Sylvia (Oscar nominee Ellen Page, a long way away from the winsome "Juno") and Jenny (Hayley McFarland) for $20 a week, Gertrude hungrily accepts the cash.
Any garden or patch of acacia could hold shrikes, wrynecks and warblers, feeding hungrily on the way north and compost heaps (not really recommended in 110 degrees) attracted flocks of red throated pipits, wheatears and wagtails.
If she doesn't, Sarah Parish is hungrily slavering in the wings.
Bruce Stokes, National Journal, January 12, 2008: "Europe Hungrily Eyes India"
While Gay has been hungrily registering wins in the United States and Europe this summer, his mentor has been sampling an alternative diet of porridge in a federal jail.
Damon flexes his comedic muscles and Pacino chews hungrily on the scenery as the villain of the piece, sealing his downfall when he boasts: "I don't lose.