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One of the major benefits of hybrid SDN and PCE based networking is the possibility of "intent-based routing".
2.4 Architecture of Hybrid SDN and PCE based Networking
The extensible messaging and presence protocol (XMPP) [26] has found a certain degree of traction for further deployment especially in hybrid SDN which uses a bulk of protocols such as OSPF, MPLS, BGP, and IS-IS to run on SDN architecture.
The protocol has found new applications in hybrid SDN, Internet of Things (IoT), and data centers and is being used for managing individual network devices.
It supports technologies required for SDN, Hybrid SDN and distributed control plane and Network Functions Virtualization.
To help simplify network operation deployment in data centers, IP Infusion brings together comprehensive data center protocol support, hybrid SDN feature support, modularity and carrier class data center-class management and high availability features, along with comprehensive services and support, to help OEMS rapidly implement an end-to-end, high-speed line-rate Gigabit Ethernet top-of- rack (ToR) switching solutions.
generic SDN controller for hybrid SDN networking, an optical line terminal
Given the statements above, a preferable choice arises out of incremental SDN deployment, that is Hybrid SDN (HSDN) [7].
According to the research [12], in the service-based hybrid SDN model, there are existing both DN and SDN, and they provide different traffic services.
Chao, "Congestion-aware single link failure recovery in hybrid SDN networks," in Proc.