hybrid drive

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hybrid drive

(1) An optical disc drive that supports more than one format. See Blu-ray.

(2) A storage drive with a small amount of solid state flash memory (SSD) and a large amount of hard disk. See solid state hybrid drive and Fusion Drive.

(3) A hard drive with a disk cache made of flash memory. If the next set of data called for by the computer is in the cache, the transfer is much faster than reading from the disk. The capacity of the flash cache is a small percentage of the drive's total space.

RAM Caches: DRAM and SRAM
Since the 1990s, hard drives have had a small dynamic RAM (DRAM) cache built in or on the controller. Because DRAM is faster than flash memory, hybrid drives generally use both DRAM and flash memory caches, and they may use static RAM (SRAM) instead of DRAM because SRAM is even faster. See cache, flash memory, solid state drive, dynamic RAM, static RAM, Robson cache and NV cache.
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No longer hampered by troubles stemming from operating system malfunctions the new rendition of this technology promises to sweep the PC hard drive market This hybrid disk drive study explains the technology, defines its potential market, explores competing technologies, and explains the impact of this new twist on an old technology on the NAND, PC, and HDD markets
Objective Analysis' Hybrid Disk Drive study will explain the technology, its potential market, competing technologies, and how the NAND market, the PC market, and the HDD market will all be impacted by this new twist on an old technology.
In addition, since the Samsung hybrid disk drive operates at a lower temperature than traditional rotating media, it greatly reduces the possibility of shock
Samsung, in cooperation with Microsoft, will work aggressively with drive manufacturers to transition the hybrid disk drive prototype into world-class commercial products.
The claims are that hybrid disk drives exhibit SSD performance on common computing tasks without sacrificing the capacity of a spinning disk drive.
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Nonetheless, hybrid disk drives face several challenging market and competitive dynamics.
The FCIA recently announced support for a new class of hybrid disk drives that combine a Fibre Channel interface with a low-cost-per-gigabyte, high-capacity disk drive mechanism.
HP also announced the availability of the industry's first storage area network (SAN) arrays to integrate an innovative new class of hybrid disk drives called Fibre Attached Technology Adapted.