hybrid drive

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hybrid drive

(1) An optical disc drive that supports more than one format. See Blu-ray.

(2) A storage drive with a large amount of hard disk capacity and a small amount of solid state flash memory that is used as a cache. If the next set of data called for by the computer is in the cache, the transfer is much faster than reading the disk. See solid state hybrid drive and cache.

RAM Caches
Since the 1990s, hard drives have had a small dynamic RAM (DRAM) cache built in. Because DRAM is faster than flash memory, hybrid drives may use both DRAM (or faster SRAM) and flash memory caches. See Fusion Drive, flash memory, SSD, dynamic RAM, static RAM and Robson cache.

Hybrid Drive and SSD
Built for gaming in 2019, this Alienware laptop featured a hybrid hard drive as well as a solid state drive to provide a terabyte and a half of storage. Along with a 512GB SSD, the 1TB hybrid hard drive had 8GB of built-in flash memory. See gaming PC.
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In the year Lexus Hybrid Drive made its debut, 26,000 vehicles were sold, while by this month the annual total was 113,000.
The new Lexus Hybrid Drive system aims to deliver a driving experience that is both rewarding and engaging Ebrahim K Kanoo, Toyota and Lexus sole distributor in Bahrain, will start offering the Lexus model by early February 2010.
"The first hybrid drive in a series production car from Mercedes-Benz makes this S-Class model the most economical petrol-engined luxury saloon," he added.
With the micro hybrid drive system the engine stops when it senses that the speed falls below 5mph and the driver is braking.
The system introduced on the Atlas AR 65-Hybrid loader by Atlas-Weyhausen is a "mild" hybrid drive, with a motor-generator installed in the powertrain between the diesel engine and hydraulic pump that is only assisting the main engine.
The Oshkosh ProPulse series hybrid drive system used in the military's next-generation Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck HEMTT-A3 is using motors with die-cast copper rotors.
Both are used to power the accessories and recharge the hybrid drive's ultra-capacitors.
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The Crosstown's hybrid drive combines an electric motor with a 61bhp petrol engine, and the car's compact dimensions are similar to the current Smart Fortwo
The top of the range model is the PS22,845 hybrid drive version.
Available in 750GB and 1TB capacities, Toshiba's MQ01ABDH Series Hybrid Drive (wow, what a mouthful) stuffs a pair of platters into a 2.5-inch enclosure that measures 9.5mm high.