hybrid laptop

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hybrid laptop

A Windows tablet that is also a laptop computer. The tablet is attached to a keyboard that can be easily removed. Also called a "detachable" and sometimes a "2-in-1."

Hybrid vs. Convertible
The hybrid's screen detaches to become a tablet, whereas the convertible's screen remains on the unit. However, the terms "hybrid" and "convertible" are used synonymously for both kinds of these double-duty machines. See convertible laptop and Surface tablet.

One of the First Windows Hybrids
In 2012, this 10" Acer Iconia was one of the first Windows 8 hybrids. (Image courtesy of Acer Inc., www.acer.com)

A Unique Hybrid that Never Was
In 2010, the Lenovo U1 was a Windows 7 PC that turned into an Android tablet when the screen was removed. A clever idea that never made it to market.
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Another stylish Hybrid laptop, this sixth generation Surface Pro is complete with an Intel Kaby Lake R i5 8250U processor, giving the machine amazing power for it's small size and weight.
Instead of noisy fans, this laptop uses a liquid-cooling system, a first for 2-in-1 hybrid laptops.
From hybrid laptops to projectors and coffee machines, here is an array of some of the coolest new hardware that will not only help grow your business but also make you look good while you're at it.
The HP Pavilion x360 hybrid laptop comes with an 8th-gen Intel Core i3 CPU, 4GB of RAM, and a 256GB SSD for fast boot times.
Summary: Toshiba Gulf has introduced the new Satellite S50W, its latest hybrid laptop with touch display.
Chinese firm Huawei also introduced a new hybrid laptop, the MateBook, while LG introduced a mini robot for home security called the Rolling Bot, which can also monitor and even play with pets.
I remember watching the announcement of this hybrid laptop back in November of 2017, telling myself that I was going to get my hands on this amazing looking thing even if it's the last thing I do.
The difference between the two is the fact that the screen found in the x360 is high-definition and can be adjusted to the hybrid laptop's different configurations.
Seagate originally tested the NAND flash technology waters with the introduction of a hybrid laptop disk drive that combined disk storage with flash memory two years ago, but it found little success.
The tbook flex is a modestly powered hybrid laptop that works well both as a tablet and as a laptop, but is good only for the most basic of uses

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