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Rather than improving both domains separately, POLCA takes a bold step forward by proposing a hybrid programming model that decisively increases programming efficiency in both areas and enables realisation of multi domain use cases.
Hybrid programming environment [30] is the educational programming environment that concurrently supports both a tile scripting interface such as scratch [13] and a textual programming interface.
Through the characteristic of hybrid programming environment, which supports two types of programming interface, learners can use tile scripting interface by using general textual programming languages such as 'C language'.
Programming activities that utilize the hybrid programming environment, first configures the algorithm-based programming frame in the workspace by using the tile in the tile window, then goes on to create programming codes based on the functions that are provided in the programming language in each tile.
2 Details of the Programming Learning Activity Process with Hybrid Programming Environment
The hybrid programming environment based programming course were composed in 3 weeks(6 sessions).
Hybrid programming presumes that learners are connected.
The student edition offers all the features of the popular LabVIEW graphical development platform including multicore processing and hybrid programming, providing students with software that facilitates project-based learning, leverages the latest industry performance standards and gives more programming options for creating applications and engineering algorithms.
In addition to multicore processing, students can use hybrid programming with LabVIEW MathScript to combine multiple models of computation or methods of programming.
By leveraging our hybrid programming distribution network and IPTV platform, Hiwire(TM) is positioned to provide a fresh, unique mobile TV service to video savvy consumers everywhere - beginning with our exciting mobile broadcast TV trial in Las Vegas this fall.