hybrid laptop

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hybrid laptop

A Windows tablet that is also a laptop computer. The tablet is attached to a keyboard that can be easily removed. Also called a "detachable" and sometimes a "2-in-1."

Hybrid vs. Convertible
The hybrid's screen detaches to become a tablet, whereas the convertible's screen remains on the unit. However, the terms "hybrid" and "convertible" are used synonymously for both kinds of these double-duty machines. See convertible laptop and Surface tablet.

One of the First Windows Hybrids
In 2012, this 10" Acer Iconia was one of the first Windows 8 hybrids. (Image courtesy of Acer Inc., www.acer.com)

A Unique Hybrid that Never Was
In 2010, the Lenovo U1 was a Windows 7 PC that turned into an Android tablet when the screen was removed. A clever idea that never made it to market.
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This consultation concerns the acquisition of pc hybrid tablet touch screen + keyboard dock.
What started as a hybrid tablet and laptop device that was widely panned by critics when it first was introduced in 2013 has quickly turned the corner into a fan-favorite that provides newfound flexibility for those in search of a do-it-all device.
ASUS has selected OT-Morpho's embedded SIM (eSIM) to enable cellular connectivity for the new ASUS Transformer Mini, a hybrid tablet computer running with Windows 10 that will be launched this summer.
Smartron says that it aims to build an IoT ecosystem around the t.phone and the t.book hybrid tablet. In addition, the company plans to launch additional devices such as wearables in order to expand this ecosystem even further.
The firm announced the two new versions of the wearable, as well as a new hybrid tablet that runs Windows 10.
Release date- 22102012 - London - Expanded line-up of touch-screen devices with Windows 8, including innovative all-in-one PC ESPRIMO X913-T, convertible notebook LIFEBOOK T902, STYLISTIC Q572 tablet PC and STYLISTIC Q702 hybrid tablet PC
Fujitsu offers a broad range of tablets for business, including a hybrid tablet (debuted July 9).
* Hybrid tablet pc Convertible tablets with detachable keyboard
In 2012 we predict the tablet market will begin to shift more towards the new generation of hybrid tablet PCs, which can dock into a keyboard.
Other readers such as the NOOK Color now incorporate apps, bridging the gap between tablets and e-readers by forming hybrid tablet readers.
The Compaq PC TC1000 is a lightweight (3 lbs.) hybrid tablet that has a detachable slim keyboard.
The series is best known for its hybrid tablet PCs, which feature a large tablet-like display that can be anchored to an optional keyboard for additional versatility.