hydraulic accumulator

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hydraulic accumulator

[hī′drȯ·lik ə′kyü·myə‚lād·ər]
(mechanical engineering)
A hydraulic flywheel that stores potential energy by accumulating a quantity of pressurized hydraulic fluid in a suitable enclosed vessel.
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Hydraulic accumulator

A pressure vessel which oper-ates as a fluid source device or shock absorber. It is used to store fluid under pressure or to absorb excessive pressure increases. The hydraulic accumulator is an energy-efficient component, which allows the use of a smaller pump to achieve the same end results in terms of cylinder rod actuation speeds. In certain circuit designs, the accumulator will permit a pump motor to be completely shut down for an extended period of time while the accumulator supplies the necessary fluid to the circuit.

The operation of the hydraulic accumulator is induced by a pressurized gas (usually nitrogen), a spring, or a weighted plunger. The accumulator supplies fluid for actuator movement or to replace fluid lost by leakage. The gas-charged accumulator and the spring-type accumulator discharge their fluid into the system at pressures which are decreasing as the gas or spring expands. The weighted accumulator allows stored fluid to be discharged into the system at a constant pressure for the entirety of its downward stroke. See Control systems, Hydraulics, Pump

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Special sealing systems (elastomer/PTFE) with low friction are used in both hydraulic accumulators, which has a positive effect on efficiency and hysteresis.
(2) The mathematical models of the main components including boom cylinder, hydraulic motor, and hydraulic accumulator are built.
In detail, the high pressure pipe contains a main pump, hydraulic accumulator, and the actuators which are depicted in Figure 5.
The maximum pressure of the hydraulic accumulator should be chosen lower than the maximum system pressure which also should be safe for all components in system.
The acquisition of the Olaer Group is expected to expand Parker's presence in geographic growth areas and allow it to offer expertise in hydraulic accumulator and cooling systems for target growth markets such as oil and gas, power generation and renewable energy.
The injection unit also has a hydraulic accumulator from the Allrounder S and the sizing of the injection units has been pitched to give a high injection performance relative to the clamp force.
As with the smaller 630 S IMM, the injection flow on the Allrounder 720 S can be efficiently increased with the use of a hydraulic accumulator. A reduction in cycle times can be achieved by means of tool-dependent or part-dependent mold height adjustment, Arburg says.
Earlier this month, the company also finalised the acquisition of British advanced hydraulic accumulator and cooling technologies developer Olaer Group, which was first announced in April 2012.Country: IndiaSector: Machinery/EngineeringTarget: PIX's hydraulics manufacturing divisionBuyer: Parker Hannifin CorporationVendor: PIX Transmissions LtdType: Corporate acquisitionStatus: Closed
In a typical setup on a large truck, the Bosch Rexroth hydraulic hybrid drivetrain links a gearbox with a variable axial piston unit to convert regenerative braking energy into hydraulic energy by filling a hydraulic accumulator with fluid.
This result is obtained by using both a series of hydraulic resistances ([Rz.sub.1], [Rz.sub.2], [Rz.sub.3]) rigorously calculated which interconnect all the phases and a hydraulic accumulator (Ac) connected to them in to the point C, figure 1.