hydraulic turbine

hydraulic turbine

[hī′drȯ·lik ′tər·bən]
(mechanical engineering)
A machine which converts the energy of an elevated water supply into mechanical energy of a rotating shaft.

Hydraulic turbine

A machine which converts the energy of an elevated water supply into mechanical energy of a rotating shaft. Most old-style waterwheels utilized the weight effect of the water directly, but all modern hydraulic turbines are a form of fluid dynamic machinery of the jet and vane type operating on the impulse or reaction principle and thus involving the conversion of pressure energy to kinetic energy. The shaft drives an electric generator, and speed must be of an acceptable synchronous value. See Generator, Impulse turbine, Turbine

Efficiency of hydraulic turbine installations is always high, more than 85% after all allowances for hydraulic, shock, bearing, friction, generator, and mechanical losses. Material selection is not only a problem of machine design and stress loading from running speeds and hydraulic surges, but is also a matter of fabrication, maintenance, and resistance to erosion, corrosion, and cavitation pitting.

Pumped-storage hydro plants have employed various types of equipment to pump water to an elevated storage reservoir during off-peak periods and to generate power during on-peak periods where the water flows from the elevated reservoir through hydraulic turbines.

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Tenders are invited for Oil hydraulic turbine casing
Works include hydraulic turbine modeling; six new 155-MW runners; six sets of guide vanes; six new 168.
Because hydropower stations play an important role in the peak regulation and valley filling of a power grid, the hydraulic turbine needs to frequently change its operating conditions and experiences many transient processes.
Quite a few engineers were very pleased on knowing the performance of hydraulic turbine workshop in Mardan, which has so far produced 1,500 units without any research.
Some modules would contain hydraulic turbine generators or sluices, while wind turbines could be mounted on some as well.
The runner, the main component of the hydraulic turbine, weighs approximately 260 metric tonnes and has a diameter of about 8.
The collaboration between the two parties will be in the areas of exports of high-tech in the field of water resources and hydropower, including the construction technologies such as RCC and CFRD technology for high dams and large reservoirs, technology for project protection and resistance against earthquake, production and automatic control technology for extra-large hydraulic turbine generator set.
There are around fifty hydraulic turbine manufacturers in Europe, including some subsidiaries of multinationals like Alstom Power Hydro, VA Tech-Andritz and Voith Siemens.
When the deal was announced, Commission officials made clear that the partnerships would begin with a 50-50 joint venture with an undisclosed partner in the hydraulic turbine energy business, which would serve as a model for further link-ups in other businesses.
Cylindrical valve installed between the stay and guide vane of mixed-flow hydraulic turbine boasts many advantages such as self-closing ability, less hydraulic loss, effective protection to the distributor, small land occupation in factory, and small investment.
When passed through a hydraulic turbine it can drive a drill head.

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