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(hī`drēə), ancient Greek water jar with three handles—two lateral for lifting, a third vertical for pouring. In shape it was similar to the amphora, the early form having a narrower shoulder, while a later one, called the kalpis, was curved at the shoulder and had a smaller vertical handle.
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an ancient Greek vessel, usually ceramic, for holding water. The hydria has two horizontal handles, one on either side, which facilitate lifting and holding while the vessel is being carried on the shoulder and one vertical handle to hold while pouring from the vessel. The hydria is close to the amphora in shape, but in the hydria the oval body widens greatly toward the shoulder, and its neck is narrower and longer than that of the amphora. This shape gives the hydria a more dynamic and rhythmically tense silhouette. The vessel was often decorated with paintings.

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The other members of Dionysos' retinue, however, separate the Stanford krater and the two Kerch hydriai from the depiction on Makron's cup.
Black-figure vase-painters also depict chariot scenes with Dionysos and a woman, as on two hydriai attributed to the Leagros Group (e.g.
But this is not true for other groups of East Greek material, such as the black-figured sarcophagi associated with Clazomenai, or the so-called `Caeretan hydriai'.