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Accumulation of fluid in the membranes surrounding the testis.



testicular edema; an accumulation of serous fluid in the tunica vaginalis testis that occurs as the result of difficulty in discharging the fluids through the lymphatic vessels.

Hydrocele may be congenital or it may appear with inflammatory diseases of the testis (orchitis), its adnexa (epi-didymitis), or the spermatic cord, or with injuries or neoplasms. The development of hydrocele is also fostered by inguinal hernias and dilation of the veins of the spermatic cord. Treatment for acute hydrocele not accompanied by severe pain and rise in body temperature consists of the elimination of the primary disease; surgical intervention is indicated in cases of chronic hydrocele.

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Jahnson S et al (14) in their study on hydroceles and spermatoceles reported 94% satisfactory results after 1 to 4 treatments using polidocanol and they also concluded that dose of 4 ml was superior to 2 ml, particularly for larger hydroceles/spermatoceles.
Meconium reaching the paratesticular soft tissue through a patent processus vaginalis causes a scrotal mass.[sup.2] The typical presentation is a soft hydrocele at birth which becomes harder in weeks as the meconium calcifies.
There was no reported case of hydrocele formation in postoperative period in our study possibly because of the tight purse string effect created on the internal ring making it water tight.
According to a descriptive study conducted by Kiddoo et al (2004), the overall complication rate following outpatient scrotal surgery was 19.2% and the most common complications witnessed after surgery for hydroceles and spermatoceles were persistent scrotal swelling, inflammation and postoperative infection.
This may explain why hydrocele remains the most common clinical manifestation of BF even after the Global Programme to Eliminate Lymphatic Filariasis has completed 13 years of operation through 2012 with mass drug administration as the core strategy in 55 of 73 endemic countries [10].
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A minority of them opted to undergo corrective surgeries for phimosis, varicoceles, hydroceles, and experienced 7 times more emotional distress than those who had not undergone any.
Single-port laparoscopic extraperitoneal repair of pediatric inguinal hernias and hydroceles by using modified Kirschner pin: A novel technique.
Inguinal hernias are also associated with hydroceles (Smith and Kenny, 2008).
A similar scheme can be applied to the pericardium and hydroceles, and sometimes to the peritoneum, but orientation is frequently difficult in the peritoneum and there is much less tendency to end up with a thick fibrous peritoneum than a thick pleura, pericardium, or hydrocele.
Clinical examination of the scrotum was normal except for small bilateral hydroceles. Urine examination and blood tests including HCG, AFP and LDH were within normal limits.
Genital filariasis in India presents commonly as secondary vaginal hydroceles with an associated epididymoorchitis (1).