hydroelectric power

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hydroelectric power:

see power, electricpower, electric,
energy dissipated in an electrical or electronic circuit or device per unit of time. The electrical energy supplied by a current to an appliance enables it to do work or provide some other form of energy such as light or heat.
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; water powerwater power,
mechanical energy derived from falling or flowing water, e.g., rivers, streams, and the overflow of dams. The wooden water wheel, long utilized for driving machinery in flour mills and factories, was largely supplanted by the steam engine in the early 19th cent.
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Hydroelectric power

The use of artificial or natural waterfalls to generate electricity.
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The World Bank stated in its factsheet that Pakistan has asked it to facilitate the setting up of a Court of Arbitration to look into its concerns about the designs of the two hydroelectric power projects.
The completion of the proposed transaction would make RPower the largest provider of hydroelectric power in the private sector in India, it added.
The Tatar and Pembelik hydroelectric power stations would each have a power of 131 megawatts.
Against this backdrop, Hitachi, Mitsubishi Electric and MHI reached a common recognition that the most effective means to strengthen and expand related business would be to pool their respective operating resources and engage jointly in hydroelectric power generation system operations.
TO), which has expertise in the construction, operation and maintenance of hydroelectric power stations, will offer technical advice on the project, the report noted.
Promotion of hydroelectric power generation can lead to cutting greenhouse gas emissions since it does not emit any carbon dioxide.
Rowswell says the province appears to be listening in realizing Northern Ontario is wide open to develop new sources of hydroelectric power and other renewables.
In the case of hydroelectric power, taxing the "fuel" itself, prior to energy production, presents a serious conceptual problem.