Hydrofluoric Acid

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hydrofluoric acid

[¦hī·drə′flu̇r·ik ′as·əd]
(inorganic chemistry)
An aqueous solution of hydrogen fluoride, HF; colorless, fuming, poisonous liquid; extremely corrosive, it is a weak acid as compared to hydrochloric acid, but will attack glass and other silica materials; used to polish, frost, and etch glass, to pickle copper, brass, and alloy steels, to clean stone and brick, to acidize oil wells, and to dissolve ores.

Hydrofluoric Acid


an aqueous solution of hydrogen fluoride, HF. Hydrogen fluoride is soluble in water in any proportions. The azeotropic mixture contains 38.26 percent HF and has a boiling point of 112°C (750 mm Hg) and a density of 1.138 g/cm3. Hydrofluoric acid reacts with oxides to form fluorides. It dissolves fluorides, forming complex compounds with them; it reacts vigorously with silicate materials, especially glass. It is used as a solvent and as a reagent in the preparation of fluorides; it is also used for etching glass.


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The surface roughness measurement with the help of surface profilometer revealed that samples treated with blasting with alumina (50 [micro]) blasting followed by acid etching with 2% hydrofluoric acid showed the highest mean roughness value.
A review of hydrofluoric acid and its use in the car wash industry.
This example highlights the use of hydrofluoric acid for digestion of glass, much like the previous example, but is used on a package that traditional methods were also employed.
Some studies have analyzed the effect of surface treatment with hydrofluoric acid on lithium disilicate adhesion.
It also the "In many cases, the etching acid containing the hydrofluoric acid and other harmful substances is transferred into empty bingo dabbers or large markers wrapped in masking tape.
While investigating the abode, Kutner finds a bottle of hydrofluoric acid, which is known to cause fainting and affect the taste buds.
Graham said he suspected water in the line had combined with hydrogen fluoride to create hydrofluoric acid.
The exposed ends may be metallized and the nanotubes freed by dissolution with hydrofluoric acid.
The warm evening and the heat of the raging fires nearby cause the hydrofluoric acid to evaporate and form a concentrated, colorless vapor, which, carried by the light westerly wind, moves slowly across the interstate and toward the blue-collar neighborhood north of Roosevelt Park.
The ore must be dissolved in hydrofluoric acid with some fluorine gas added to form uranium hexafluoride--a strange compound that sublimes (goes from a solid to a gas like "dry ice") at around 150[degrees]F.
The experts can also train you in specific hazards - including dealing with cyanide and hydrofluoric acid.
We also know that there are three main culprits: chlorine (used in the production of building materials); anhydrous ammonia (used for agricultural fertilizer); and, worst of all, hydrofluoric acid (used in transportation fuels.