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The previously mentioned reaction of cobalamin and ascorbate would generate hydrogen peroxide.
In summary, the solid carrier of hydrogen peroxide, percarbonate, was employed as an effective alternative to the liquid carrier for the treatment of chlorinated aromatic hydrocarbon-contaminated soil, leading to a higher contaminant degradation level at natural soil pH values.
In addition to the other environmental factors mentioned in this study, hydrogen peroxide production by L.
Hydrogen peroxide is still widely used as an antiseptic, however there is little evidence to support its use in this way, and significant evidence that it is toxic to many cell types and bone itself (60,63,79-82).
There are alternative tooth-whitening methods that do not involve the use of hydrogen peroxide.
The joint venture will not only work for Huatai but also for other Chinese companies, while using Solvay's technology for the production of high purity grades of hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid.
A potentially very attractive alternative to traditional biocide-based antifouling is to utilize hydrogen peroxide as an active ingredient.
It is the build-up of the acid hydrogen peroxide in the hair.
Researchers found hydrogen peroxide created by cells plays a role in age-related loss of hair colour.
Hydrogen peroxide levels - H202 - in hair are directly related to how quickly it turns grey, they revealed.
The method entails selecting a composition consisting of a mixture prepared by contacting hydrogen peroxide, glycolic acid, isopropyl alcohol and water.
Thenard found that hydrogen peroxide was an excellent bleaching agent, removing colours and stains from fabrics.

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