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1. a fatty or oily medicated formulation applied to the skin to heal or protect
2. a similar substance used as a cosmetic



a medication for external use consisting of a base like lanolin or vaseline and a medically active substance.

If the base of an ointment contains more than 25 percent dry powder, the result is paste. Liquid ointments are called liniments. The medical substances in ointments are absorbed by the skin and can exert both a local and a general effect on the body. Ointments containing irritants can produce a systemic effect by reflex reaction.

What does it mean when you dream about ointment?

Ointment in a dream may symbolize the need for a salve to soothe or heal a condition in the dreamer’s life.


A semisolid preparation used for a protective and emollient effect or as a vehicle for the local or endermic administration of medicaments; ointment bases are composed of various mixtures of fats, waxes, animal and vegetable oils, and solid and liquid hydrocarbons.
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This concentration of the oil in each preparation produced an initial total protection, which the hydrophilic ointment sustained for 1 h.
Another correlation of the properties of formulation base with activity of preparations of an essential oil showed that a hydrophilic ointment of lemongrass oil made from a 1:1 w/w blend of macrogol 4000 and macrogol 400 produced greater antibacterial effects than the same concentration of oil in emulsion products (Onawunmi, 1994).
The QR340 formula is a blend of botanical derived ingredients delivered in an easily applied topical hydrophilic ointment.