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small, high-powered racing boat designed to skim along the surface of the water. Its hull is so shaped that at high speeds the bow is tilted up out of the water, reducing the effect of frictional drag. Hydroplanes are commonly powered by outboard motors.



a light, high-speed vessel. Because of the special shape of its bottom, during mption the hydroplane gains hydrodynamic thrust, which lifts the nose part and causes a significant general up-floating of the vessel. (It appears to slip or glide along the surface of the water.) As a result, the area of contact between the bottom and the water is reduced, resistance to movement decreases, and the traveling speed increases. Light internal combustion engines and gas turbines are mounted on hydroplanes. Propellers (less often, airscrews) and water jets serve as propelling devices. Hydroplanes are used to carry passengers, for guard duty, in sport races, and for pleasure.


(naval architecture)
A boat which when operated at high speed planes on the surface of the water; the bottom of such a craft is normally a prismatic surface. Also known as planing boat.


1. a motorboat equipped with hydrofoils or with a shaped bottom that raises its hull out of the water at high speeds
2. an attachment to an aircraft to enable it to glide along the surface of water
3. another name (esp US) for a seaplane
4. a horizontal vane on the hull of a submarine for controlling its vertical motion
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The Gold Cup is considered by many to be the premier race in US H1 Unlimited Hydroplane racing.
The Smith-designed hydroplane went on to win the 1915 Gold Cup race.
The most successful hydroplane racer in history, Villwock has amassed 65 wins since 1992 and won three races last year -- in Detroit Tri-Cities and San Diego -- on his way to a first National High Points' title in four years.
Although we could dive and control the boat without hydroplanes, the captain couldn't possibly carry out an attack without them.
When he was 22, he was driving powerful hydroplanes that battered drivers around the cockpit at speeds exceeding 200 miles per hour.
Small-scale lab experiments that he, Elverhoi, and other researchers have conducted to simulate underwater landslides show that the front edge of slumping sediments can hydroplane.
The AICPA cosponsored "All on Account of Fun," a new calendar featuring 13 diverse and dynamic LCPA members, including a hydroplane champion, body builder, pilot of experimental airplanes, Harley rider, mystery writer and an arachnophile with a pet tarantula.
One might think of them as hydroplane racing boats compared with aircraft carriers.
I don't have it, but I do have a copy of the aerial photo of San Diego taken in 1911 from a Curtiss hydroplane.
Then, after I send Mom home, I want to get on one of those hydroplane boats like they used to have on Gentle Ben and share gumbo with a bayou family.
The two islands of Heligoland, lying 70km from the mouth of the Elbe, are a three hour hydroplane ride from Hamburg.
Depth must be great enough to drain water fast enough so that tires ride on the actual road surface, not hydroplane on a film of water.