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By adding en to impregnating solution and hydrothermally treated, a binary transition metal complex Ni(en)3MoO4 was prepared with high purity.
Thorium is commonly considered very immobile (22) thus the provinces with low Th concentration suggests that it was mobilized in hydrothermally altered systems.
The sample set for the study of the clay mineral assemblage represents typical examples of hydrothermally altered granites occurring immediately beneath the contact between greisen and granite bodies of the Hub stock (Fig.
0 were hydrothermally treated at 110 or 150[degrees]C for 2 or 5 hours as illustrated in Table 1.
Stumpfl: The behavior of so called immobile elements in hydrothermally altered rocks associated with volcanogenic submarine-exhalative ore deposits.
Set I (9 cm): Unit A, a pink to violet fine ash and lapilli deposit showing block sag structures between parallel-laminated, hydrothermally altered coarse to fine ash.
Within the project experts for multinational industry, SMEs and academia focus on the optimization of hydrothermally stable carbon supported catalysts for the APR to unleash the potential of catalysts.
In this study, hydrothermally altered zones of porphyry copper deposits of Reko-Dik, Chagai Belt, are taken into account to see whether alternation patterns follow any fractal law.
The mineralized zones in both pit areas range in horizontal thickness from 5 m to 70 m within a hydrothermally altered mineralized zone ranging from 200 m to 250 m in total width.
This is similar to an experiment in an airtight chamber described by Maeda and Ishida (2008), who found excellent humidity-controlling properties for hydrothermally solidified materials.
The recent drilling of the Cuttaburra magnetic anomalies A, B and Ac has successfully identified large but discrete, hydrothermally altered, mineralised systems as might be expected to be associated with economic deposits.