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Orientation involving growth or movement of a sessile organism or part, especially plant roots, in response to the presence of water.



the tendency of the growing organs of plants, particularly the roots, to grow away from a less moist environment toward a moister one. Where there is an uneven distribution of moisture in the soil, plant roots are directed to the moister areas because of hydrotropism. Hydrotropic sensitivity is concentrated in the very tip of the root. Sometimes negative hydrotropism is observed. For example the sporangiophores of many molds grow away from a moist substratum.

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The results of solubility studies indicated that aqueous solubility of lornoxicam was enhanced in hydrotropic mixture solution of 2 M sodium benzoate as compared to solubility in distilled water.
This proposed method which was developed on the principle of hydrotropic solubilization concept can be well employed in routine analysis of lornoxicam in tablets.
This seems to be related to AEEA causing hydrotropic dissolution of polyester in the aqueous phase.
Efecto del estres hidrico sobre el crecimiento y desarrollo en las mutantes nhr-1 (no hydrotropic response) y suh-1 (superhydrotropic) de Arabidopsis thaliana ecotipo Columbia-0.
These surfactants are commonly used in personal cleansing products and most of them have hydrotropic properties, which makes it difficult to build viscosity especially when these surfactants are used as primary surfactants.
It works effectively with various hydrotropic surfactants to improve viscosity, foaming and mildness.
N, N-Diethylnicotinamide (DENA) has been identified as an excellent hydrotropic agent for paclitaxel.
Hydrotropic dendrimers of generations 4 and 5: synthesis, characterization, and hydrotropic solubilization of paclitaxel.