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humidistat, hygrostat

A regulatory device, actuated by changes in humidity, used for the automatic control of relative humidity.
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Typical applications include industrial (HM1500LF and HTM2500LF), process control (HM1500LF and HTM2500LF), hygrostats (HTM2500LF only), and data loggers (HTM2500LF only).
The ventilation and temperature control options include the MFR012 series of mechanical hygrostats, the DA048 series pressure compensation devices, the FF018 filter fan series and the ETF012 series of electronic hygrotherms.
Finally, thermostats, hygrostats or a combination of the two are recommended with all heaters for optimum temperature and humidity control in enclosures.
The CE-compliant product is designed for permanent operation and is compatible with the company's range of thermostats and hygrostats. The heater is suited for the water, automotive, and food processing industries.
The newly developed interior installation rails and accessories such as door-operated switches, lights, punched sections, door supports, thermostats and hygrostats can be inserted without the need to drill any additional holes in the enclosure.
The systems are compatible with Rittal hygrostats and thermostats that prevent damage caused by condensation and extreme conditions.